Caravan hibernation

Ages ago we bought a custom-built cover for our new caravan. We didn’t get round to using it last winter – we seemed to be using the van too frequently.

But we probably won’t be out and about now until February, so on it went.


The day before we had the van cleaned professionally by the very efficient Rob Stobbs and his mobile cleaning service. He brought the caravan up so that it looked like new – far better (and quicker) than we can do it ourselves.

The cover is beautifully made by Specialised Covers. They tailor the cover to the exact measurements of the van, and make allowances for any special kit: we have a clear PVC piece over our solar panel so that the battery remains charged even during winter storage.

In theory the cover is easy to put on. You put two wooden dowels (like broomsticks) into two sleeves at the rear corners of the cover, hoist it aloft, and walk it backwards over the van. It clearly helps if you’re both as tall and as strong as basketball players.

Unfortunately, we’re neither of those things, so we had to drag it by main force along the roof using stepladders to get us up to roof height, and shifting the ladders a metre or so at a time. It’s heavy and awkward. But once on, it straps into place very neatly, and we’re very happy with it.

So just a question of getting it off again in the spring, then. But we’ll cope with that when the time comes!

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