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Vegan Raw Wraps

And no, I hadn’t heard of them until recently either. But they’ve been a bit of a foodie fashion item recently, because they’re raw(-ish), gluten-free, and of course, being vegan, dairy and egg free too. They’re a substitute for a flour tortilla or similar, but the nearest they get to flour is the inclusion of flax flour (linseed flour) or psyllium husk as a binding agent.

To get an idea of what they should look like, see Raw Wraps. My efforts are a bit clunkier. So far at least …

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Getting fit with toys for the boys

I have a dreadful admission to make. In the last few years I’ve become progressively less physically fit until even I had to admit that “something must be done”.

So, in pursuit of the usual New Year’s resolution, I’ve been striving towards getting a bit more active. One of my Christmas pressies was a Pebble watch, which among many other functions has a pedometer. So I’ve been counting steps and trying to do a bit more each day. But progress has been slow, and some days I don’t achieve my target.

The answer? It has to be technology. What else? So for those rainy, cold, miserable days when I don’t even want to walk to the newsagent, we have:

Treadmill 001a
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