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Planning a new adventure

We regularly go to the caravan show, but this time it was with a new project in mind. A few years ago we toured the American Midwest and the Great Lakes on motorcycles. Rather than hire the bikes, we bought them, and enjoyed three years of touring before selling them on. We had great holidays on bikes that suited us, and all for less money than we’d have spent on motorcycle hire alone.

Well, we’re thinking of repeating the exercise, but this time with a motorhome, and basing ourselves in California rather than Wisconsin. Provided we’re not too ambitious by going for anything too new or too luxurious, we can again do a series of hols for around half the cost of hiring, and probably with a more suitable vehicle into the bargain.

The Caravan Club was offering free “tasters” of motorhome manoeuvring. Jean went first …

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The Caravan and Camping Show 2014

Well, when you go in for a new hobby or activity, you’ve got to buy the magazines, join the forums, and attend the shows. Am I right?

We were a wee bit disappointed by the Motorhome and Caravan Show at the end of last year. We shouldn’t have been – the clue was indeed in the title. But too many motorhomes for our taste.

This one was different. The word “caravan” comes first in The Caravan and Camping Show. Besides, we still have our tent, so camping is still in our blood.

It’s a bit snide, but I couldn’t resist this, set up as a sort of gate guardian at the entrance to the show:

Caravan Show 001a

So that’s what it’s really about, is it? Envy, eh? My cushions are posher than yours. Come on, we’re talking about camping holidays here!
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