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More about moulting

Poor old chickens. As fast as we pick feathers from the run, so they top up the supply by shedding some more. But we have a few signs of hope. For one thing, the cockerel is beginning to regain his virility. He’s left the hens alone from the start, but yesterday as he emerged from the coop he immediately began to chase senior hen round the feeder. She’s just starting to moult seriously, and his attentions were most unwelcome. She retreated to the safety of the coop, and all three hens only ventured out when they could see that he was busy feeding.

He’s just beginning to regain his tail feathers, so right now he’s not quite as fine a fellow as he thinks:

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Coop Jacques

The next project is … keeping chickens.  A few chickens in the back garden will keep us in eggs, and if we take some cockerels as well as pullets, some meat for the freezer.

We’ve sounded out the neighbours, and we can shoehorn a run and coop into our little back garden. So when this came up on eBay, I couldn’t resist it.

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