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More chickeneering part 4 – happy chickens

Well, I popped over early to the allotment to make sure all was well. It was, of course. This was the sight that greeted me:

Most of the chickens were enjoying a dust bath in the nice fresh woodchip

While a couple strolled unconcernedly about. It was as if they’d lived there ever since they left the brooder.

Just as a postscript, I mentioned in an earlier post that we’d been given some feeders and drinkers with the run. One of these was a bit large for our little flock, so we’ve passed it on to one of fellow allotment holders, Salvador, who has many more chickens than we do. He was delighted with it. But as I carried it into the allotment, it caused much amusement amongst the school run mums after one of the children asked me what it was for.

You can see why from the picture. Luckily chickens can’t read.

More chickeneering part 3 – they’re in

The garden chickens moved to the allotment this evening.

I’d made the connecting bridge between the run and the house, so it was just a matter of fitting it and putting a few finishing touches to the arrangement. Why did it take me all day? These things always take longer than you think.

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More chickeneering part 2

But first, some gratuitous pictures of chickens enjoying a dust bath. It was a lovely bright autumn morning, and the cockerel dug himself a nice big hole in front of the feeder. The hens quickly ousted him, and he had to dig another hole nearby. Here they all are:

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More chickeneering part 1

At long last we’ve started to build a new allotment run to extend the space and to accommodate the garden chickens as they develop. The idea is to have two self-contained runs and two free range areas, but with the flexibility to combine or alternate the two.

When we bought our wonderful Maggie’s 24, we also acquired an old but serviceable Flyte so Fancy chicken house.

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Ready for the chickens, but only just

That was a bit of a close call! The coop and run are ready for the chickens, but only just. Partly because these things always take longer than you think, partly because rain stopped play, and partly because of my own idiocy, it all became a race to the finish.
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Coop Jacques

The next project is … keeping chickens.  A few chickens in the back garden will keep us in eggs, and if we take some cockerels as well as pullets, some meat for the freezer.

We’ve sounded out the neighbours, and we can shoehorn a run and coop into our little back garden. So when this came up on eBay, I couldn’t resist it.

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