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Excited as a kid – new caravan

It’s foolish of course, and at my time of life I should know better, but I’m as excited as a small boy in a toy-shop.  We’ve upgraded our caravan to a much more recent model.  We’ll be collecting it at the end of August.

I don’t regret having bought the Elddis as a first caravan, though.  The EX2000 was a special edition for the millennium, and was a posh van for its day, with top class fittings.


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I wish I lived in a caravan …

I wish I lived in a caravan, With a horse to drive, like a peddler-man! Where he comes from nobody knows, Or where he goes to, but on he goes! (Robert Louis Stevenson)

Our wish has come true, and we have our caravan. We picked it up earlier today, and towed it with some trepidation to a secure park not too far away from where we live.

Caravan 002a

It was mostly motorway miles, for which we set the cruise control to a modest 55mph, so it could hardly have been easier. But we felt absurdly proud to have made it to our destination. The only real embarrassment was that I couldn’t release the caravan from the towbar, and had to ask for help. Luckily a couple of good Samaritans came to our aid and offered all sorts of good advice, including the name and number of a recommended service engineer. He’s booked to give the caravan the once over next Monday, before we use it in anger.

I just went in to buy some rubber bands …

… and ended up buying a caravan.

Last Sunday we were a bit early for a family lunch. The M25 and A3 had been astonishingly clear, and we were at least half an hour ahead of schedule. Passing a camping accessories shop, I remembered that we needed some of those stout rubber bands that you use to peg tents down. We’d been camping in the peak district a couple of weeks before, and two of the rubber bands had broken.

Sure enough, the nice lady had them in stock, so that was good. Then we found some plates that we liked. Then we wandered out the back, and found ourselves in a wonderland of second-hand caravans. We’d been thinking of perhaps one more outing with the tent in September, then packing it away for the winter.

Anyway, we went back after lunch and ended up buying this:


Very nice people, Harris Caravans in Liss.
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