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Hatching quail 1

Our friend at the allotments for whom we hatched some duck eggs has now extended his range of poultry with a pair of quail. Yesterday we put 21 quail eggs into the incubator for him.

They take 17 days, so they’re due to hatch on Saturday 5th August.

Huevos de Codornices en Rabo de Mestiza

The sequence of events goes like this. We grow some tomatillos (see blog post below). We need recipes for tomatillos. We buy “The Essential Cuisines of Mexico” by Diana Kennedy, who is the queen of Mexican cooking. This starts us off on an exploration of Mexican food, and provides inspiration as to what to do with the inevitable surpluses of produce that any allotments create at this time of year.

Diana Kennedy describes Huevos en Rabo de Mestiza (Eggs poached in a chilli-tomato broth) as a “delicious brunch dish”. And she’s right. This is now a Sunday brunch special!

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