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Grandpa’s Feeder

We had a lot of trouble trying to introduce the chickens to a treadle feeder. The one that we first bought was a cheapy – around £40. The idea of a treadle feeder is that it keeps the food clean and dry, and doesn’t present a temptation to vermin, while still making the food instantly available to the chickens.

You can see it in the picture below.

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Skip diving and treadle feeders

The chickens have affected my behaviour in two previously unheard of ways. I’ve taken to skip diving and checking out the cheap shelf in Morrisons. All in a good cause, natch. And here are the four good causes:

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The chickens have arrived

Well, yesterday the great day arrived, and we went to collect our four Ixworth chickens. I couldn’t take pictures of them yesterday evening, though, since they went straight into the coop on arrival, and have only been let out to explore the run this morning:

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