Sat 17 July: Marinette WI to Ashland WI

What a great day’s ride!  It must look from the titles as though we’re entirely stuck in Wisconsin, but in fact most of today’s ride has been in Michigan, through beautiful forests.

One is very conscious of smells on a motorcycle.  The scent of the forest is especially seductive.  We’ve passed sawmills processing cedar logs, smelling of new beehives.  We passed a maple syrup plant.  And everywhere is the scent of wildflowers.

One response to “Sat 17 July: Marinette WI to Ashland WI

  1. kathleen hench

    Me again – did you know all 3 of our kids were born in Michigan – Grand Rapids to be exact — our home was Holland where they have a huge Tulip Festival every May – maybe next year, you could come back for that – it would at least be cooler for you.

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