Saturday’s Pictures

While we’re waiting for the rain to clear, with the promise of a fine day ahead, I thought I’d post a few of the pictures from yesterday. Forest roads are nicer to ride through than to photograph, but this gives an idea of the Ottawa forest, taken at an intersection with a county road:

I said yesterday that we were heading into historic iron mining country. Some of the mines still exist, but mostly it’s just history. The town names emphasise the heritage – Iron River, Iron Mountain, Ironwood – and there are little museums along the way:

You can see from the pictures that it was great weather for riding: sunny but not too hot. It was tempting to crack on along those lovely swooping roads. Alas, I let the speed creep up a bit, and got stopped by one of Michigan’s finest. $105. Could have been worse, since I suspect that we were technically in licence losing territory. My new resolution is to remember that cruisers are for cruisin’, and stick to 55mph. Well, 55-ish, anyway.

We ended our journey on the south western shore of Lake Superior. At last, a lake that you can actually see from the road! Here’s the evening view from our hotel room:

Unless you look in the other direction, of course, in which case you see this:

We celebrated a good day’s ride at another microbrewery. Excellent beer this time. Cheers!

One response to “Saturday’s Pictures

  1. kathleen hench

    Graham, our son, the skier skied at Iron Mountain when he was on the high school ski team. He’s the only Hench who’s been there – glad you had some cooler weather and better beer.

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