Wed 21 July: Wawa ON to Blind River ON

We finished the Lake Superior part of the ride today, rather to our regret. What a superb road! We rode southwards from Wawa, stopping for a few final photos at Old Woman Bay:

This side of Lake Superior has sandy beaches, and further south is lined with holiday homes. But up here in the Lake Superior Provincial Park it’s unspoilt. We found wild raspberries:

The wonderful names theme continues. We passed Rabbit Blanket Lake, and a trio of small ones called Dad Lake, Mom Lake and Baby Lake.

We didn’t stop in industrial Sault Ste Marie, but continued on along the North Channel shore of Lake Huron. The countryside has changed significantly from the harsh landscape of eastern Superior to a much gentler plain, dotted with little farms in the more alluvial parts.

We’ve been in wet weather gear for much of the day, since the grey clouds haven’t been far away. Only in the last 15 miles did we get rained on, though.

Journey’s end is the neatly manicured Lakeview Motel in Blind River. It would be an interesting but entirely achievable challenge to go round the Great Lakes staying only in hotels or B&Bs called Lakeview.

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