Thu 22 July: Blind River ON to Parry Sound ON

We rode around a big piece of Lake Huron today, including Georgian Bay. We haven’t seen much of the Great Lake itself, though. The road has been in the main inland, through rocky lakes and forests, interspersed with farmland. This picture of Ink Lake gives an idea:

Much of the land is marshy. There are water lilies in the shallower waters, and bullrushes and thistles around the edges:

We’re also in more populated territory. Many of the small towns are rather depressed looking. This is Massey, where we stopped to stretch our legs, and found a bookshop run by a chap from Chadwell Heath!

We’re in Parry Sound tonight, which is rather a twee place full of new age art shops and wholefood cafes.

But we’ve had a very pleasant day’s riding. Tomorrow we head for Niagara, with the rather grim prospect of the expressways around Toronto and probably thunderstorms if the forecast is to be believed!

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