Sun 25 July: Port Colborne ON to Ashtabula OH

We said our farewells to Canada today as we rode first eastwards to cross the bridge into Buffalo, then westwards along the southern shore of Lake Erie. After clearing the industrial fringe of Buffalo as quickly as possible on the interstate, an experience made even more depressing by steady rain, we joined New York State 5, which is the Seaway Trail, and a “scenic byway”. And the sun came out. Here’s a view from Erie State Park:

Once the weather improved, we had a pleasant and gentle day’s riding. Most of the scenic route is through wine growing country, with vineyards giving way to trees at the lakeside:

There are well-to-do ports and marinas dotted along the coast:

We’ve stopped in Ashtabula, about halfway along the lake. I rode down to the shore, hoping for a nice picture like the one above, but you can’t actually see the lake for the chemical factories and power stations. But a mile down the road it’s as pretty as anywhere else:

Tomorrow we follow the Seaway Trail to Toledo, where we part company with Lake Erie.

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