This is rather out of time, but I’ve only just downloaded the pictures from earlier in the month. One of our little traditions is to do an annual “bluebell walk” in the woodlands that have been preserved to the north-west of Watford, including the delightfully named Merlin’s Wood.

Because of the cool wet weather in April, the bluebells were late, but all that water meant that when they did arrive they were copious.

One of the nicest sights is a carpet of bluebells viewed from a little distance away, so that they look like a blue mist just covering the ground.

Then as you get closer, you catch their very faint scent. Magical.

One response to “Bluebells

  1. Gorgeous pics. I was lucky to live very close to a Bluebell wood for many years, and always went to see them. I haven’t been back for years now. We have quite a few in the shady area at the bottom of our garden, but it isn’t the same as seeing such a wide expanse. Thanks for sharing. Hazelx

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