Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

A while ago, I wrote about the wonderful coffees from Has Bean. We’re enjoying the monthly subscription just as much as ever, but we’ve also discovered another gem, at Costco of all places.

It’s not the cheapest, at £20 a pound, or around £44 a kilo. That’s twice typical Has Bean prices. But it’s jolly nice. Even people who don’t like “real” coffee love this.

I prefer it as an Americano, but it makes a beautiful smooth espresso, and even takes milk for a latte or cappuccino.

2 responses to “Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

  1. HI John, Thanks for your recommendation of Has Bean, we gave the subscription service a whirl and I we’ll renew it when it’s up. I’ve tried some COstco coffee beans before and wasn’t impressed – but I’ll look out for the Blue MOuntain next time there. Thanks for sharing. Hazel

  2. WitchHazel, I agree about most Costco coffees. Roasted by Starbucks, and tastes like it! But this really is the business.

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