All mod cons in our little play-house

We can’t help laughing just a little at our new toy, and at ourselves. It’s like a child’s Wendy house, full of little gadgets to play with. We went over to explore it a bit more, and to find out where the electrical panel is, and to try out the gas fitting.

We were a bit put out that we’ve discovered that we’ll need to shop for a few more bits and pieces, even though when we asked the dealer whether there were any other things we needed he said no. Today we’ve discovered that although the package included fresh and waste water carriers, we have no fresh water pump nor waste water hose.

Caravan 008a

But we do love the way the caravan is fitted out. It has a full size gas stove, with an oven and grill as well as a four burner hob.

Caravan 001a

There’s an electric air extractor above the stove.

The washroom has a decently sized shower …

Caravan 005a

… the obligatory chemical loo …

Caravan 003a

… and a wash basin that folds down above the lavatory.

Caravan 002a

And rather to our delight, the fridge includes a little freezer unit. Ice-cubes with our G&Ts is a pretty civilised standard of camping.

Caravan 006a

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