We’ve adopted a pig

The rain was lashing down this morning, so the chickens got to stay in their covered run until the day cheered up a bit. But we fulfilled a long-held plan, and visited St Albans Farmers Market, where we sought out Messrs Samphire, who specialise in rare breed free-range pork.

A very wet but welcoming St Albans Farmers Market

A very wet but welcoming St Albans Farmers Market

Samphire not only make delectable pork pies and sausages (which I have ambitions to emulate), but they also run a scheme called My Little Porkie whereby you adopt a piglet and commit to buy the meat once it’s fully grown.

So in around 6 months we’ll be taking delivery of forty kilos or more of rare breed pork. Meanwhile we’ll be able to follow the progress of our own pig as it grows to maturity. I’d love to rear a pig myself, but I have a suspicion that the council allotments officer would take serious exception.

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