The Caravan Show

Well, it had to be done. We went to the Caravan Show, more properly the Motorhome and Caravan Show at the NEC. I must say, I do enjoy this sort of thing. Motorbike show, boat show, poultry show, country and shooting show, and recently the baking show, we normally do two or three a year.

Caravan Show 018a

We arrived in good time before the doors opened, and decided to do the gadgets and accessories first. To be honest, this section of the show was a wee bit of a disappointment. At most shows there are really good bargains to be had. Not really so here. I’d checked out some of the prices of things that we wanted, but show prices were if anything higher than the normal on-line ones. For example, we’re in the market for an awning. Plenty on show, but nothing screamed out, “Buy me!”

Caravan Show 006a

We bought some novelty folding trays that convert from a tray to a table mat. They’re the sort of things that caravanners OUGHT to have, we thought. Cute and dinky. But not really essential.

Caravan Show 009a

We marvelled over the iconic American Airstream caravans. Prices start at around £50k, so they’re a wee bit out of our league.

Caravan Show 012a

They also make a baby teardrop caravan, called a T@B. We could probably run to one of those! Although small, they’re surprisingly roomy inside. No proper loo or washroom, of course.

Caravan Show 013a

Caravan Show 014a

Caravan Show 015a

At the other end of the scale there are big beasts like this one, reminiscent of those that we encountered on our mid-west motorcycle trips.

Caravan Show 017a

Naturally we had to look at the caravans, if only to find something to aspire to. There are, literally, hundreds of different models from the UK manufacturers alone. Different sizes, different layouts, different levels of trim. This is a typical mid-range one:

Caravan Show 021a

The trouble is, you rapidly find yourself debating the merits of minutiae such as bed positioning. Which is better?

Caravan Show 019a


Caravan Show 022a

Eh? Go on, tell me!

And it’s at that point that we realised that we’d had enough. We’d had great value from the show, we’d chatted to some very interesting and helpful people over coffees, but now our feet hurt and it was time to call it a day!

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