Caravan cleaning

We’re going to Norfolk in the caravan early next week to see our “little porkie”.

Although we’d given it a wipe over at the start of the season, we decided that the caravan needed a proper clean. Now that we’ve got the motor mover, getting the van out of its parking slot is much easier, so we can tow it across the site to the washing area without too much strain! No need to connect everything up for a hundred yard trip, though:

Caravan cleaning 001a

We’d remembered our caravan training course, and backed it in neatly to the washing bay:

Caravan cleaning 002a

Next to the wash area is an old van which obviously hasn’t moved this year. When the nettles start to grow up around the jockey wheel, and algae grows on the panels, you know that the van is unloved. There are a few of these rather sad vans on the site. Someone must be paying the storage fees, though, and presumably they intend to take them out on the road again one day.

We’d brought a hose and a long-handled wash brush to connect up to the tap. There’s an electrical connection nearby too, so we could have vacuumed the inside if we’d been feeling keen.

Caravan cleaning 003a

Caravan cleaning 005a

As it was we contented ourselves with the outside. I wouldn’t say that we managed to make her sparkle, but we certainly won’t feel embarrassed to be seen with her!

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