Christmas Pudding (and Figgy Pudding)

We rarely eat Christmas pudding these days. It’s pretty weighty stuff, especially after an already-rich roast lunch. But our local church do a Christmas Fayre* to raise funds, and had called for contributions, so we thought we’d make something. I can’t bake cakes to save my life, so puddings seemed like a nice idea.


And although I say it myself, they turned out looking quite professional.

For inspiration, we turned to the ever-reliable Delia. We made 10 rich Christmas Puddings and 10 Figgy Puddings. The main difference is the type of dried fruit. The Christmas puddings are made with raisins, sultanas, currants, and peel. Figgy puddings contain dates, figs, raisins and crystallised ginger.

The Ankarsrum Assistent was a real help. It can mix 4 kilograms of sticky pudding mixture with ease.

We made up some marketing materials and laminated them. We delivered them to the event first thing this morning. So fingers crossed that they sell at a sensible price and raise at least the cost of the ingredients!


* Yes, they do spell it “Fayre”. No, I don’t know why.

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