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Another baking session: yeasted sourdough

I have to admit that this is a bit of a cheat, but the speed and predictability of rising and proving compared with “real” sourdough makes it tempting. And the results are delicious …

It’s a mixture of sourdough and yeasted dough, and although it doesn’t have the air pockets and texture of a sourdough, it has plenty of flavour and is far more chewy than a simple yeasted bread.
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Christmas Pudding (and Figgy Pudding)

We rarely eat Christmas pudding these days. It’s pretty weighty stuff, especially after an already-rich roast lunch. But our local church do a Christmas Fayre* to raise funds, and had called for contributions, so we thought we’d make something. I can’t bake cakes to save my life, so puddings seemed like a nice idea.


And although I say it myself, they turned out looking quite professional.
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Seeing in the New Year with Ärtsoppa

Happy New Year everyone!

Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklers

Around this time of year, as part of our family visits, we’ve frequently been to see my sister and her husband. Rolf is Swedish, and is an excellent cook. His yuletide lunch traditionally includes julskinka, the Swedish Christmas ham, and ärtsoppa, the celebrated Swedish yellow pea soup.

They’ve moved to the west country, so are too far away for a casual visit, but they kindly gave us a beautiful julskinka, which was the centrepiece of a post-Christmas lunch party. We still have some left, so for New Year’s Eve we thought it would be in the spirit of things to re-create something of the flavour of Rolf’s Swedish cooking.

Swedish Lentil Soup 003a
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Ankarsrum Assistent

It’s a gross indulgence, I know, but I’ve got a fabulous new mixer as an early birthday present!


It’s an Ankarsrum Assistent, aka in different times and places a Verona, Magic Mill, Electrolux Assistent, or a DLX.
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