We won superb Blackacre Farm eggs!

I entered a competition run by the very excellent Blackacre Farm, producers of fine free-range eggs. And won!

The prize was a very generous six dozen “Waddling Free” duck eggs.

Blackacre 005a

Blackacre 008a

Blackacre 009a

They’re especially welcome as our own hens are now starting their autumn moult and going off lay. But still – six dozen is a lot, and they’re so much nicer when they’re spanking fresh, so we’re sharing our luck with friends and family.

Duck eggs are particularly good for cake making, so, inspired by the Great British Bake Off, we might make a cake or two. And of course quiches for the grandchildren. And we fancied making some ginger ice-cream for Christmas.

But back to basics, we couldn’t wait to try our eggs. Our winning entry, which was to describe how eggs helped us #tackletheday (Rugby World Cup, geddit?), was, “Poached or scrambled bantam eggs from our own flock, served on home-made sourdough toast.”

So, just to prove the point, breakfast today was scrambled Waddling Free duck eggs on home-made sourdough toast. Simple and delicious!

Blackacre 003a

Special thanks to Blackacre Farm. Much appreciated!

PS: The competition is still going on, so if you’re quick, you could win a delicious prize. See Blackacre on Twitter or on Facebook

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