Mr D’s Thermal Cooker

I think that I mentioned in my post about the 2016 Caravan Show that we bought a Mr D’s Thermal Cooker, saying that we’d try it out asap.

Actually this was the first time that we used it, so no trial run. But I have to say that it worked brilliantly.

160524 Vindolanda 001a

We started with a bit of prep, a bit of frying off the onions and garlic, browning some nice free range chicken, and microwaving leeks and spinach to reduce their volume. The casserole can then be assembled in the inner container and simmered for a few minutes on the caravan stove.

160524 Vindolanda 002a

Then the hot casserole with its lid is placed inside the outer insulated container, and the lid clipped down.

160524 Vindolanda 002a

160524 Vindolanda 003a

And that’s it. No need to leave anything plugged in. It simply cooks itself using retained heat just like an old-fashioned haybox.

Did it work? It most certainly did. I was a bit concerned in case it overcooked the contents, leaving the chicken in shreds and the vegetables sloppy. Not a bit of it. The carrots still had a bit of bite, and everything tasted good. We followed our usual slow cooker rule of not adding salt until the end.

There was no strict need, but while we were waiting for our baked potatoes, we brought the casserole back up to the boil so as to serve it piping hot. Not perhaps the most elegant dinner, but we thoroughly enjoyed it!

160524 Vindolanda 026a

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