We’re on holiday in the Loire, one of our favourite places. This time we’re staying near Blois, further to the north-east than our normal pitch south of Tours. We’re at a campsite just outside the village of Candé-sur-Beuvron.

160904 Blois 068a

The site is called La Grande Tortue, I assume because the sliding cover over the swimming pool is a bit reminiscent of a giant tortoise.

160904 Blois 070a

We have a “grand confort” pitch, which means that we have our own water supply and grey water drainage as well as electricity. So I can shave or wash the dishes without fear that the water supply is suddenly going to dry up. That’s real soft camping for you!

160904 Blois 071a

At this end of the season (the site closes a few days after we leave), it’s thinning out quite a lot. Quite a few families are arriving for a stopover on their way back from the south of France to Holland or Germany, or indeed Britain.

The Reception at La Grande Tortue

The Reception at La Grande Tortue

We’ve put up our awning, which gives us a bit of extra space and somewhere shady to sit outdoors.

160904 Blois 018a

There’s a local firm offering balloon rides. One Montgolfier is patterned like a wasp, the other like a ladybird. Here she is landing near the campsite:

160904 Blois 016a

That’s our level of adventure at the moment – watching balloons in the sunset. But we’re enjoying it immensely.

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