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Chicken Project 2 launches

And so, the new year being a time for firm resolve, Chicken Project 2 is under way. We’ve been extremely pleased with our Flyte so Fancy house and run, and we’ll need another one alongside the first.

Here’s the site:

Looking from the south at the empty bed that the new run will occupy

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Creosoting and foxproofing

The last blog entry on the poultry project took us up to the installation of the basic foundations of the coop and run. The next stage has been to move the hen house onto the site and foxproof the run.

The house has been sitting quietly on the trailer for a month, whilst we’ve been on holiday. I’d forgotten just how heavy most of the panels were. When I loaded up, not only did I have the help of the seller, but we had only a few yards to carry them. Unloading, Jean and I had a long walk from the allotment gates to our plot with each large and clumsy panel.
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