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More chickeneering part 1

At long last we’ve started to build a new allotment run to extend the space and to accommodate the garden chickens as they develop. The idea is to have two self-contained runs and two free range areas, but with the flexibility to combine or alternate the two.

When we bought our wonderful Maggie’s 24, we also acquired an old but serviceable Flyte so Fancy chicken house.

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8 Chicks and a Maggie’s 6

I finally sorted out the house and run for the chicks. Not before time: they’re three weeks old now, and are getting a bit big for the brooder, not to mention a bit messy.

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Chicken Project 2 launches

And so, the new year being a time for firm resolve, Chicken Project 2 is under way. We’ve been extremely pleased with our Flyte so Fancy house and run, and we’ll need another one alongside the first.

Here’s the site:

Looking from the south at the empty bed that the new run will occupy

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Ready for the chickens, but only just

That was a bit of a close call! The coop and run are ready for the chickens, but only just. Partly because these things always take longer than you think, partly because rain stopped play, and partly because of my own idiocy, it all became a race to the finish.
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