Fri 23 July: Parry Sound ON to Port Colborne ON

I suppose that I’d better start with an admission. We had a little bit of an off today. First time in three years. We set off in steady rain this morning, intending to stop at the first fuel station, since we’d already used half a tankful on our final leg the previous day.

After about 40 miles, I was getting a bit nervous, and was glad to see a sign for fuel 5km ahead. Sure enough, after about 5 clicks, there was a sign at the side of the road, although it turned out to be a for a hardware store, and not for fuel at all. Anxious not to miss it I hit the brakes rather hard, and Jean, travelling behind me, braked even harder. The back stepped out on the wet slippery road, and in spite of her best efforts she went down.

First things first, she’s fine. Well, a bit bruised on the leg that the bike fell on, but nothing broken or even sprained.

By the time I’d turned round and got back to her, she’d already been helped up by a good samaritan who stopped to assist. His name is Allan Bannister, originally from Halifax (Yorkshire not Nova Scotia). He even offered us a bed for the night if we were unable to continue. Allan, if you’re reading this, we’re very grateful.

Full credit to Draggin Jeans and to Bikers Paradise “Ride-Tec” jacket for the protection that they gave. Also, Hondas crash pretty well, so apart from a couple of minor scuffs, the bike continued to work, and we could continue, if a bit more gingerly.

We’d set out early to avoid the threatened thunderstorms around Toronto. In fact, although the humidity was truly horrible, the storms never materialised, and even as I’m writing this at about 10pm, we’ve still had only a few splashes of rain.

After the spill, we stuck to the autoroutes, with frequent stops for coffee. Only in the last 50 miles did we turn off the Queen Elizabeth Way onto local roads down to Port Colborne on Lake Erie.

We’re in fruit growing territory now, and the roads are lined with vineyards, and cherry and peach orchards. It’s prosperous countryside, with many farms boasting stables.

We’re staying here for two nights. Tomorrow we’re planning a trip to Niagara Falls, and no doubt we’ll sample the local produce, including the wine!

No pictures today, but I hope to make up for that tomorrow.

3 responses to “Fri 23 July: Parry Sound ON to Port Colborne ON

  1. It’s meant to be us scaring you from jaunts abroad, not the other way round! Glad you’re okay, Mum, enjoy the rest of the trip.

  2. Glad you’re OK Mum! Hope the leg isn’t too sore. You weren’t attempting a Wild Hogs style formation were you?

  3. Hi Guys, being “Between Harley’s” I know the feeling of sliding off on a damp road, done that, got the T-Shirts and the scars.

    I was only too happy to offer my assistance, I even do the same for Canadians, not just fellow countrymen…….lol

    Glad it was so minor, that part of the “Old Trans Canada Highway”, is slippery with any kind of rain, I can only guess the Highway got lots of oil etc when it was the main route North & South.

    We, Rita and I, hope you have a safe time on the rest of your journey on this side of the ‘pond’.

    Enjoy yourselves and keep smiling, no more testing out the safety wear though, Jean, please…….

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