Great gadgets: Solwise antenna and wifi hotspot

It’s nice when a plan comes together. Our campsite provides wifi for a modest fee per day, but on past experience the signal is far from strong. It’s a pain to have to sit sideways in a particular spot with the notebook tilted at a particular angle in order to get a consistent signal. We’d looked at wifi boosters at the Caravan Show, but the packages were quite expensive.

Over to Messrs Solwise:

140622 Aeropress 012a

You can read all about it here. But basically it’s a panel antenna that picks up and amplifies the local wifi, and feeds the stronger signal straight to a USB on the computer.

But wait! There’s more!

140622 Aeropress 001a

By adding this baby, we also get a wifi hotspot inside the caravan, so we can use the tablet and Jean’s Kindle too. There’s a little bit of setup with this one, but there’s a helpful wizard, so nothing that even my rusty computer skills can’t handle.

And the notebook still plugs straight in via an ethernet cable. Geek heaven!

2 responses to “Great gadgets: Solwise antenna and wifi hotspot

  1. Neat gadgets – I’ll have to stick them on my wishlist!

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