Cobb barbeque for camping

I’m not sure whether this latest purchase is going to be a good idea or not. Indeed I’d never heard of the Cobb barbeque until I read an enthusiastic recommendation from a fellow motorcyclist on The Rev Counter.


The main attraction of this device is that it can sit happily on a camping table without melting the surface. The wire mesh surround and rubber feet keep the heat from the charcoal away from the worksurface. But it is claimed to have other features too.

If you clicked on the link to the Cobb website, you’ll have seen that the manufacturers describe it as a “premier grill”. Although that unfortunately sounds a bit like a carvery attached to a budget hotel, what they mean is that it can be used as a roasting oven or flatplate grill/broiler as well as a barbeque.

Plus it’s apparently easy to wipe clean, and most of the bits can go in the dishwasher at the end of a trip.


You can see in the picture above the Cobb fitted with the BBQ rack, through which you can see the container that holds the charcoal briquettes.

Or you can fit the roasting and grilling plate. The fat drips off into a little moat around the hot charcoal, avoiding any burnt taste. Allegedly.


One of the nice things about it is that it all packs away into a handy bag:


So it all promises well. We’ll be trying it out on our first caravan trip to France in mid-June. The questions is, is it better than our traditional method of buying a cheap BBQ and simply throwing it away or giving it away at the end of the holiday? Watch this space for a proper review.

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