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Flour …

I’ve written about the flour from the excellent Stoate’s Mill before. It really is fantastic for both yeasted breads and sourdoughs. We’ve always managed to visit the mill in person for our previous purchases, and it’s worth a detour for its picturesque setting. But this time we have no scheduled journeys anywhere near, so mail order it was.

Very good service from Big Barn, who handle the orders. But to our horror, although our 8kg bags of rye and malted flours were fine, the 25kg bag was apparently wholemeal, not the strong white that we’d ordered.

Flour n flood 005a
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Stoate’s Mill Sourdough

I’ve just taken six lovely sourdough loaves out of the oven, made with Stoate’s Mill organic strong white and rye flours. They smell and look delectable.

Sourdough 007a

I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to try one, though!
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Stoates Mill Flour

On our way back from River Cottage, we called in to the excellent Stoate’s Mill near Shaftesbury to buy some of their organic bread flour.

fishing flour 005a
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Bread Maker Panasonic 2502

Although we love our sourdough bread, we’re not too proud to use a bread making machine as well. Sometimes in the autumn the freezers are too full of fruit or veg to store even half a dozen loaves. Sometimes it’s nice just to make a plain white or wheatmeal loaf for sandwiches.

Anyhow, our old breadmaker was showing signs of age, and loaves weren’t always proving properly. Probably just a fault with the thermostat, but it was a cheapo model, and almost certainly not economic to repair.

I had an Amazon voucher from Nectar points, so it went towards a Panasonic 2502 machine.

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