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Scandinavian Bread (1) Inspiration

For the next step on my baking journey, I’m going to have a go at Scandinavian flatbreads.

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Flour …

I’ve written about the flour from the excellent Stoate’s Mill before. It really is fantastic for both yeasted breads and sourdoughs. We’ve always managed to visit the mill in person for our previous purchases, and it’s worth a detour for its picturesque setting. But this time we have no scheduled journeys anywhere near, so mail order it was.

Very good service from Big Barn, who handle the orders. But to our horror, although our 8kg bags of rye and malted flours were fine, the 25kg bag was apparently wholemeal, not the strong white that we’d ordered.

Flour n flood 005a
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Another batch of bread

Three old favourites for the bread making this time. I’ve put the recipes at the end of this blog entry.

First up is the Toastie, based on an Elizabeth David recipe, and a long time favourite from when our children were small. Adding a little potato flour alters the crumb size to give a bread that’s ideal for toasting, and soaks up the butter. Not perhaps a health food, but great for breakfast or high tea.

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